The Limber Mind

The Engraved Glass of The Limber Mind

A second generation glass engraver with nearly 20 years experience The Limber Mind offers quality engraving that can be cherished for years to come. All items are hand worked with abiding care, without the use of automation, giving a richer look and feel to the designs we offer.


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2 thoughts on “The Limber Mind

  1. These mugs, glasses, and pitchers withe the engraving is amazing. That is a real talent and makes an ordinary cup look unique. I wonder if I could find a place and have custom glasses made.

    • Hi Luke, we do work on custom glasses, and top shelf production glass as well. We don’t advertise that because the glass can get expensive. What are you looking for, maybe we can help, we know plenty of glass blowers who do custom work.

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