The Confederate Flag Represents the Pinnacle of Uptight Thinking

John OliverSorry man, but that flag is not the least bit limber minded, in fact it represents everything that is wrong with uptight thinking. Yes, there is freedom of expression, yes you can buy and fly that flag if you wish, but as John Oliver noted, it just “helps the rest of us identify the worst people in the world.” You may fly it and try and claim it is for freedom, but it is not decent or limber minded at all. The Confederate flag is the symbol of racist hate and oppression, that is what it is, uptight thinking in flag form. Here at the Limber Mind, we do not abide by that flag.

Now, up until a couple of weeks ago a person could be forgiven for flying the Stars and Bars. It had taken on some ambiguous meaning about southern pride and heritage. But where are the northern pride flags, they won after all? There are no flags for the North’s crushing defeat of slavery and uptight thinking. Why is it that the South has to divide itself still to this day from the rest of the nation? Because so many there cannot limber up their thinking, maybe?

A limber mind is one that is free of intolerant or divisive ideas. A mind free from racist thinking, from the greed that perpetuates racism and oppression. A limber mind is a mind full of love for fellow humans, not ideas of how some are not worthy of that kind of love. A limber mind has no use for money gotten off the backs of the suffering, there is nothing limber about that.

Now is the time to put away such primitive ideas based in egoism and greed. Time to put away intolerance and racism. It is time that we as a species find common ground, to find empathy for one another. It is time to retire the Confederate flag, even as we forgive those that have flown it in the past. All is forgiven and forgotten, once we can put this symbol of hate and suffering behind us.

We want to be clear here, this is not about hating on anyone who has flown that flag, it is about evolution, it is about making the world a more limber minded place. However, at this point to fly the Confederate flag is to stand against everything a limber mind stands for. A limber mind cannot support something that has caused so much suffering, something that stands for racism fueled by greed and fear. We sincerely hope that all people can come together and evolve past such loathsome and uptight modes of thought. We hope many people can find the wisdom to put away this painful symbol of past uptightness. We hope all can learn to live by each other’s happiness in a world full of limber minds.

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