Charlie’s Challenge

I love Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, a comedy classic. The movie is greater than the sum of its parts, but one of those parts stands out, the speech Chaplin gives at the end of the movie. In that speech he touches on the hope for humanity, and sets before us a challenge, one to form a more reasoned and compassionate world.

Even on the verge of WWII he offers us a view of what we could be, with the strength of our ingenuity and the force of compassion we could make this world a free and beautiful place. He recognized how modern communications, even back then, held the key to universal brotherhood, that our ablility to communicate with each other would begin to usher in a more enlightened humanity.

Today we still struggle to take on that challenge, to put aside our hate and greed, to view all mankind as our brothers and sisters, to give our youth a future, to give comfort and security to old age, and to give, those who can, a chance to work in humane and equatable conditions.

I watch this speech at least once a month, I like to find new versions that people make, there are some truly entertaining and illuminating ways fans have used this soundtrack with their creative video behind it. I urge all to listen at least once, and even search around the web for fan videos.

To get you started:

The Original

A Stirring Fan Made

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