Of Liberty and Citizenship

There is a lot of talk about liberty and freedom these days, and it is oft quoted that freedom is not free. It is not free, it is paid for with citizenship, it is defended by citizen soldiers and nurtured by citizen programs that serve and nurish our fellow Americans.

Citizenship is the reciprocity of rights and duty, liberty depends on a strong citizenry to maintain it and citizenship depends on liberty to strengthen its citizens. It is the give and take of society, where individual rights are ensured through the collective will, it is the Yin and Yang of self governance. To exalt one and deny the other leads to the collapse of both, where duty out weighs liberty we find fascism and the seeds of totalitarian states. Where individual liberty overshadows the duty of citizenship we find anarchy and feudalism.

What debt do we owe the individual or the collective? The collective, when tempered by individual liberties, creates an environment where individual initiative and hard work can prosper, regardless of one’s station of birth. When individual liberty is held in esteem the collective benefits from those who push the boundaries of industry and enlightenment. The one builds upon the other, constantly maintaining a tension that is expressive as it is impressive, through the co-operation of individuals we excel as a society.

It is citizenship that leads to service in our military by individuals, and individual initiative is what fuels our collective economies. One with out the other would leave us all  READ MORE HERE DUDE