For the Children Dude!

The Dude Goes to the Conventions

The Dude heads to the Democratic and Republican Conventions in the upcoming weeks to represent his No Kid Hungry organisation. Jeff Bridges will be attending both conventions as a spokesperson for No Kid Hungry, talking to both Democrat and Republicans about the need to end food insecurity among the children of this nation.

More than 16 million children will likely experience the suffering of food insecurity this year. Poverty is suffering, the fear and anxiety felt by so many of our neighbors is real and terrible. As one who grew up on government cheese I am acutely aware of how this suffering manifests, and I know it has negative impacts for our whole society. When so many live in fear of not having the basic need of food it pulls us all down, we allow our selves to be surrounded by despair and wonder why things look so bleak.

With so many wrong headed ideas dominating this campaign, and all the rhetoric being slung around, it is good to know there are Dudes out there who will rise to the occasion. By bringing his message of hunger in America maybe our friend Mr. Bridges can bring some civility and compassion to our political discourse. Two features that are woefully lacking in today’s political climate. We need more “take it easy” and abiding, let’s hope some of his Dudeness rubs off on the people vying for our votes.

Go get ‘em Dude, may more limber minds prevail.