Serenity Dude

In these crazy times it helps to step back and chill for a moment, while you contemplate what, if anything, you should do next.

With so much happening in our hectic world don’t forget to take time to chill out and decompress. Life has always been a hurried rush in between moments of serenity. Nowadays people go from work to family to social media with nary a break in between. Everyone has to slow down and take a quiet break from time to time. These breaks helps to let the dust settle in our lives, and see what we are working for.

You don’t have to bathe with candles and a good joint to chill, like us Dudeists, although it works quite well. One only needs to slow down and get a handle on their rambling thoughts. A little quiet serenity goes a long way, by reducing mental stress we let the body heal and prepare to face reality. Our minds become more limber and ready to find ever more skillful ways of expression.

When we take time to chill out it is not retreating it is regrouping. With so many important issues in front of us, no matter what side of the dynamic you fall on, we all need to stay calm and centered. Through calm reasoned debate we may be able to achieve compromise and progress, but if you let your self be pushed by anxiety your discussions with others may devolve into shouting and animosity. You can see much more clearly from the chill perspective, which will make your arguments stronger and more grounded.

With so much happening right now, it is important that everybody just stays chill, stays focused on reform and not on the fight. Taking a few moments to relax and recognize your place in this whole durned human comedy will give you insight and perspective.

So even if you are on the front lines of all these social upheavals, don’t forget to take time to be quiet and serene, find inner peace, so you can share it with the outside world.


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