One for the WTF File

Have you heard this one? The Obama campaign is selling a hemp blend scarf to raise money to get Barry elected, meanwhile the DEA still wont let Americans grow hemp domestically. Yup you can get a cotton/hemp scarf at the Barak Obama Store, but you can only grow half the materials to make it the US.

Putting aside the folly of cannabis prohibition in general, why are we not growing hemp? Very many other countries grow commercial hemp, the hemp in this scarf might have come form Canada or China, but not the US. That’s crazy, really it is nuts. This is not your hippie uncle’s grow patch, hemp will not get you high. So why not, that’s the big question, and again it comes down to the stubborn and wrong headed thinking that cannabis belongs in the Schedule One Drug Class.

Hemp has been a crop since before history was recorded, likely one of the first crops mankind developed. It has nearly limitless uses for us humans, and could help in our struggle to reverse climate change. It is a crop that America needs, and has needed in the past, as demonstrated in the Hemp for Victory campaign, when the US encouraged hemp farming to support its effort in WWII.

If the President is going to sell hemp to help himself get re-elected, I think it’s time he told his DEA to back off, and let American farmers grow the stuff.

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