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The Official Publication of the Dudeist Life Style.

The Dudespaper is where I publish some of my articles, it is an informative and fun place to catch up on the Dude point of view.


On Politics and Zesty Enterprises

“Meanwhile back at the ranch, ideology and uptight thinking have caused officials in Texas to ban Planned Parenthood in their state, a move that cost them millions in federal assistance.”

Mind if I do a J?

” Always polite, he asks permission before lighting up in other people’s domains, but other than that, there is a conspicuous normalcy in his taking of the toke.”

Surfing the Indra-Net

“Buddhism, the enlightenment experience, is an experience of realizing the inter-connectedness of life. So if we talk nowadays, that’s the Internet. The notion that everything is inter-connected is pretty much common sense.”

On Meeting an American Master

“After that this Dude was lost in some sort of acid flashback kind of mindset, I couldn’t get over just hanging with the Dude, and being surrounded by the Zen Dudes made it a bit surreal.”

Zendudes make Symposium a Success

“Bernie Glassman and the Zen Peacemakers hosted a gathering of socially engaged Buddhists and others. They set out to create the space and opportunity for social activists to meet, discuss what they have been doing, and what more could be done. It was an enlightening and encouraging event. It included some truly cool characters; Anne Waldman, Peter Matthiessen, Jon Kabot Zinn, Jim Bastien and some Dude they called Jeff Bridges”

Jeff Bridges Gives Head(s) for a Thousand Dollars

“So I bet you are just about bursting with the urge to get a little head from the Dude, and save the world, in one blissful explosion.”

Dudeism, a New Home for Lost hippies

“Even though the happy slacker who abides is sage-like, the reactionaries would latch on to a Dudes preferred forms of herbal meditation and use it to deface the the overall culture of peaceful abiding.”





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