Dudeism FAQs

Is Dudeism a religion?

That depends on your definition of religion, if you are disposed to think that a religion needs to make claims of divinity or divine revelations than no. If however you see religions as groups of like minded people adhering to a common world view for the purpose of attaining insight into how one might conduct their life in pursuit of contentment and “enlightenment”. Then Dudeism is a type of religion, much in the way some forms of Taoism and Buddhism are religions..

Is Dudeism a Big Lebowski fan club?

No. There are plenty of Dudeists who are certainly fans of The Big Lebowski, but being a fan of the movie is not required. There are many upstanding Lebowski fans and fan clubs, we dig their style, but it’s not exactly how we roll.

Is Dudeism new?

Yes, the formation of The Church of Latter-Day Dude is new, but the philosophy worldview or what have you, is in our estimation quite ancient. There are many examples through out history of great thinkers extolling the “slacker shrug”, perhaps the original form of Taoism is the earliest form of what we call Dudeism.

Do I have to be unemployed to be a Dudeist?

No. Dudeism is about keeping a sense of perspective, not about doing nothing. It’s how you do what you do that matters, feeding the monkey and paying rent are not contrary to Dudeist understanding.




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