Custom Glass Engraving

The Limber Mind offers custom glass engraving services, whether it be corporate recognition, awards, trophies or a special gift for that special person, we’re her to bring your vision to reality. I am a second generation glass engraver, both my father and I worked for Pairpoint Crystal on Cape Cod. A certified Master Engraver I have designed many large and small projects¬†I am willing to consider any job big or small.

I am keenly interested in doing charity work, if you have a charity I would love to work with you.

Bernie Glassman, founder of the Zen Peacemakers

Bernie Glassman receiving honorary ordination into Dudeism and custom engraved awards from TLM

In my capacity as lead glass engraver for Pairpoint I have worked with many national charitable organizations, taking part in all aspects of development. Even if you have only a vague idea of what you looking for I’m here to help you find your vision, and bring it to sparkling life in glass. I am willing to go the extra mile and offer insanely low rates for the right groups and organizations.

Just fill out the contact form in the top right corner to begin a conversation, from there we can build what ever you can imagine.


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