About TLM

The Limber Mind is primarily a glass engraving service and store, with glass engraving and design experience honed at Pairpoint Crystal in the nineties. I apprenticed under my father and earned my glass engraving master’s certificate there. I later became the lead glass engraver for them when my father left. I still do traditional stonewheel engraving, however my main focus in on sandcarving. Not as intensive to produce as stonewheel, sandcarving still offers a rich dimensional, sculpted look, it is far more durable and with more depth than acid etched or applique.

At Pairpoint I designed and produced many special items for charitable organizations, I look forward to working with such entities again under my own banner. Ideally The Limber Mind will end up being a major provider of engraved glass for charities and others to use as recognition awards, auction items or large order items to sell to raise funds for their philanthropy. This is above and beyond what social work I would also engage in.

In 2002 I left Pairpoint to go back to my other career in recycling, I got into recycling as a young man after watching an Earthday special in the 80s, they said we need to save the planet, so that’s what I set out to do.

Ultimately I worked my way up to part owner of a major recycling operation, and until the economic crash things were going swimmingly. The crash hit us extra hard, essentially I lost everything in the end, but the knowledge of all the materials and chemicals captured, reclaimed and recycled over my career leaves me with a sense of pride. The math is there, I helped, but now is the time for me to find other ways to help this planet and her inhabitants to achieve.

After a little more than a decade I have returned to engraving as The Limber Mind. During my time in recycling I still did engraving for fun and for friends, working with glass and creating designs is a true love of mine.

A conscious capitalist, my intent is to use the energy of enterprise to enrich myself through enriching the world I live in. With that in mind I will offer high quality engraved items at reasonable prices for sale to not only pay my bills, but also to pay it forward. Is making the world a better place to live a selfish endeavor? I think so, but I see no other good option, there is no way to relieve the suffering of others and not also relieve your own suffering.

Incorporating Dudeist and Buddhist philosophy, among others, into my life, art and business The Limber Mind was born. Two major concepts from these traditions form the backbone of its core mission, “take it easy” and “Right Livelihood”. When it came to earning a living the Buddha taught that it was not how much one made, but how they made it and what they did with it that matters. Together with Dudeism’s take it easy ethos, The Limber Mind will engage the world in such a way as to bring fun, love and cool products to the world for its relief and enjoyment. This is The Limber Mind’s primary mission.