The Confederate Flag Represents the Pinnacle of Uptight Thinking

John OliverSorry man, but that flag is not the least bit limber minded, in fact it represents everything that is wrong with uptight thinking. Yes, there is freedom of expression, yes you can buy and fly that flag if you wish, but as John Oliver noted, it just “helps the rest of us identify the worst people in the world.” You may fly it and try and claim it is for freedom, but it is not decent or limber minded at all. The Confederate flag is the symbol of racist hate and oppression, that is what it is, uptight thinking in flag form. Here at the Limber Mind, we do not abide by that flag.

Now, up until a couple of weeks ago a person could be forgiven for flying the Stars and Bars. It had taken on some ambiguous meaning about southern pride and heritage. But where are the northern pride flags, they won after all? There are no flags for the North’s crushing defeat of slavery and uptight thinking. Why is it that the South has to divide itself still to this day from the rest of the nation? Because so many there cannot limber up their thinking, maybe?

A limber mind is one that is free of intolerant or divisive ideas. A mind free from racist thinking, from the greed that perpetuates racism and oppression. A limber mind is a mind full of love for fellow humans, not ideas of how some are not worthy of that kind of love. A limber mind has no use for money gotten off the backs of the suffering, there is nothing limber about that.

Now is the time to put away such primitive ideas based in egoism and greed. Time to put away intolerance and racism. It is time that we as a species find common ground, to find empathy for one another. It is time to retire the Confederate flag, even as we forgive those that have flown it in the past. All is forgiven and forgotten, once we can put this symbol of hate and suffering behind us.

We want to be clear here, this is not about hating on anyone who has flown that flag, it is about evolution, it is about making the world a more limber minded place. However, at this point to fly the Confederate flag is to stand against everything a limber mind stands for. A limber mind cannot support something that has caused so much suffering, something that stands for racism fueled by greed and fear. We sincerely hope that all people can come together and evolve past such loathsome and uptight modes of thought. We hope many people can find the wisdom to put away this painful symbol of past uptightness. We hope all can learn to live by each other’s happiness in a world full of limber minds.


Crimea, What Do You Need That For Dude?

Pacifism is Nothing to Hide Behind

As pacifists one might ask, how can a Dudeist not let aggression stand? Most of the time a swift “fuck it” is enough, then a string or two of bowling and all is well again. But what about those times when a Dude has to stand up for what’s right and declare “this aggression will not stand”. Where is your pacifism now Dude, when the nihilists are coming, swinging their swords?

Crimea River Man,this is the situation the world finds its self in with the crisis in Crimea, Russia having set fire to the Dude’s car by invading, now demands they get the Crimea Lebowski! By comparing this situation to the classic scene from The Big Lebowski, the final confrontation between the Dude and the nihilists, we see that this is an almost identical situation.

Two of the actors in this real life drama are equatable to the nihilists, played in this instance by Russia and Putin, and Walter played by the international community in the west. These roles are clearly defined, one could suppose that the Donny in this case would be the innocent people of the region, those that would pay the highest price if things get bad and no one can diffuse this situation. But where are the Dude’s? Stuck between two assholes and a too soft place, that’s seems to be where he ends up in the movie, and we in this derned real life drama.

Give Them the Fucking Crimea Man!

Is it really worth losing Donny and possibly our Johnsons over something we really do not need? Maybe Russia feels like it is their Johnson, in the way of Crimea, that is being bitten off by the NATO marmot? There is a lot of arguments for Crimea having and digging the Russian style. The rest of Ukraine is turning to the west, probably will turn Crimea that direction too given time, so the west can mark it eight, and call it good with that.

Using the movie as a guide, it is deducible that the Dude would just hand over Crimea and say fuck it. There will be other opportunities, other league games to play in, no need to let the Walters have their way on this one, no matter how noisy they are. Just like the nihilists Russia gambled a lot on their scheme, and are unlikely going to go away empty handed. After all they lost a toe in the form of Ukraine, in their minds they’ve invested too much to let this go. Better to let’em have our pocket change than to risk losing anything more our selves.

Former ambassador to Russia Jack Matlock Jr. makes a strong case for letting Russia have Crimea in his recent article for Time. Arguing that not only would we avoid an intractable situation that could lead to war, but that Ukraine and Crimea would be better off in the long run. Crimea is not really part of Ukraine in may ways, and holding on to the province wont do them any favors. Crimea was Russian until half a century ago, it still identifies as Russian, let them be Russian.

There are still plenty of ways to let them know what kind of human paraquats they are for scheming and plotting, sanctions that are tough enough to say “this aggression will not stand!”, but not so tough as to force them to throw a marmot in our tub. When the Dude figured out how the big Lebowski had scammed him, he was not afraid to confront him with that fact, but he was not there to harm him, in fact he still had empathy for the big Lebowski. The Dude teaches us that one can stand against aggression and still aim to do no harm.

 Whelp, that’s one Dude’s opinion. What’s Your’s, comments always welcome


Deconstructing the 31st Verse

Weapons are the tools of violence, the Tao Te Ching verse 31.

Weapons are the tools of violence

In J. Legge’s translation of Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching, he starts off with “Now arms, however beautiful, are instruments of evil omen, hateful, it may be said, to all creatures”. So he is saying be they marvels of engineering or even possessing some gracefulness, the singular purpose of weapons is to end life. Sometimes they are put to service to protect the lives of some, but that is only because they can take it away from others. When we recognize that our most precious gift is life, why would we want to take that from another unnecessarily. Do not all beings consider life to be the most precious of all gifts?

Lao Tsu doesn’t stake out an extreme position, he recognizes that there are times that the decent will be called upon to employ weapons READ MORE HERE DUDE


Resist Not the Unchill

With all the hubbub around the Aurora shooting and anti-gay sandwiches at Chi-Fil-A, Dudeists may be wondering, what can/should we do? The line “this aggression will not stand man” comes to mind, but how is that accomplished? We can’t be lured into using aggression to undo aggression. In the Bible it says, “resist not evil” (Matthew 5:39), to understand that is to know that un-Dudeness can not counter other un-Dudeness. If we get sucked into arguments that go nowhere and just raise the level of disharmony, then we also become part of the problem. 

Two major debates are raging on the internet theses days, gun control and “Chicken-gate”, seems everyone has opinions to share on these topics. Opinions that are, at times, emotionally charged with hyperbolic claims and language, at the heart of these debates is freedom and how different people interpret that freedom.

In the case of Chic-Fil-A, almost no one says that Cathy doesn’t have the right to an opinion, what some are saying is that opinion is wrong minded. Yes he has the right to not recognize gay marriage based on his religious beliefs. But does he have the right to deny others equal opportunity to the basic human right to fall in love and start a family? When I channel my inner Libertarian, I see the rights of those seeking equality of marriage outweigh his right to deny that to them.

It is not a simple case of his having an opinion, it is that he actively donates to organizations that try and strip equal protections from other Americans, and that’s not cool man. However, if we are not careful, we will only make those that hold these ideas more determined to stand their ground, calm reasoned disagreement with out picking a fight is what we are after.

When it comes to the gun control debate, what we need to do is not get too uptight in either thinking, letting this cause us all to lose our shit wont help anyone. Reasoned debate is the order of the day if we want to work on these problems. For some of us, it will be a long time until there is no feeling that we need guns, no matter how soon others of us would like that day to come. If we listen to the wisdom of the Tao, we would not be rash in our haste to restrict gun ownership, or enthusiastic in advancing guns in our society. We shouldn’t let our passions run away from us, we must remain calm and rooted in our belief it can be better, yet flexible enough to to not break when the winds of passion blow.

Frightening Statistics

As Dudeists we get no clear answer to the gun issue from our favorite fictional prophet, the Dude doesn’t tell Walter to not own a gun, just to put the fucking thing away. Ultimately guns are neither the problem or the cause, we don’t want to get all reactionary here, we want to abide, and give the world the option to abide with us.

Probably the most important thing to do is encourage a more peaceful tolerant society, maintain and project the “take it easy” attitude. When debates get too reactionary, we should withdraw, put on our sunglasses and say “fuckit”. If we get drawn into the heat of the moment and let our own opinions rule us we become the aggression we hope to diminish. Sometimes one just needs to sit back and let the Tao run its course.



Whelp that’s like, just my opinion man; putting on my sunglasses.



Former Fictional President Says War on Drugs is “Stupid”

In a recent Newsweek interview accomplished actor Morgan Freeman shared his thoughts on a few issues, of particular note to the limber mind were his thoughts on Marijuana legalization and the Drug War;

“Marijuana! Heavens, oh yeah. It’s just the stupidest law possible, given history. You don’t stop people from doing what they want to do, so forget about making it unlawful. You’re just making criminals out of people who aren’t engaged in criminal activity. And we’re spending zillions of dollars trying to fight a war we can’t win! We could make zillions, just legalize it and tax it like we do liquor. It’s stupid.”

Still, one has to wonder, surely Mr. Freeman knows that a lot of stoners like to get high and watch his Through the Wormhole series on the Science Channel. Is this just a cynical move to increase his ratings? Either way, I’ll be watching the next episode with a limber mind and even greater appreciation for Mr. Freeman.